Fizika helps administrators, principals and teachers and counselors implement active learning in the classroom, the lunchroom, at recess, in the gymnasium and on the athletic field, for better focus, comprehension and improved academic performance. Exercise before and after school can help ready students’ brains for learning – making this time an essential component of a productive school day.

Fizika Group participated in the sixth annual summit of the Partnership for a Healthier America  held in Washington DC on May 11-12, 2017.   Former First Lady Michelle Obama closed the conference in conversation with Sam Katz, former Executive Director of Let’s Move, the Obama Administration’s signature initiative  to enable healthier lifestyles among American youth and their families

PHA’s slogan, Make the Healthy Choice, the Easy Choice, is consistent with Fizika’s mission and purpose. By teaching children about nutrition and the importance of exercise to keeping their brains and bodies healthy, we can foster a nation of healthy adults. Emphasizing good eating habits and exercise in school will also help students learn and stay focused in class. We take it one step further though and have created dynamic training tools that show educators how to incorporate movement and physical activity into the learning process.

Why? To improve the blood flow, oxygen levels and neural pathways in student’s brains so that they are prepared to learn. Students who participate in class are engaged in learning – less likely to act out or to drop out of school. Students who are properly nourished and get enough sleep are more prepared to learn.

Why #Energy4Learning?myplate_green3

  • Nutrition

Students receive most of their daily nutrition in school. Schools must offer healthy choices – that appeal to students.
Track My Food and Daily Exercise for Meal Tracker and Menu Planning

  • Daily Physical Activity

60MinutesofActivity_Exercise1The Institute of Medicine recommends that students receive 60 minutes of physical activity during the school day. Physical Activity improves physical and mental health, reduces stress and helps students focus.  Download a free copy of the report and watch a short video that makes the case for increasing physical activity in every students’ day.  Educating the Student Body

  • Water

Do you drink enough each day? Use this free calculator to determine the right amount of water you should consume based on your height, weight, and age.
Hydration Calculator

  • Sleep

Use the chart to check whether your children are getting the right amount of sleep on a nightly basis.
Children and Sleep

Sleep helps our brains process new information and restore muscle tissue. Neuroscientists call sleep mental floss for the brain.   Are your students getting enough sleep? Find out now!