Fizika Guide to Funding Active Learning FAQ

Q. I want to bring Fizika Active Learning to my school, but my school budget doesnʼt have the funds I need. Where do I go for funding?

Check your local resources first: PTA, PTO, PTG. If funds arenʼt available here, apply to your local education foundation (if you have one) or local corporations (or larger national corporations with operations in your community). Local companies and foundations want to invest in their own communities, and thereʼs no better investment than innovation in education.

If youʼre not successful with local funding sources, try a state or federal education grant.

Lastly, apply for a grant from a larger private or corporate foundation that has an interest in education and/or health issues and a presence in your region.

Q. What type of grants should I apply for?

Fizikaʼs Active Learning strategy combines nutrition and exercise with the traditional learning environment to attain the best health, social and academic outcome for the student. As such, Active Learning is ideally suited for the following types of grants: innovation in education, meeting the needs of special education students, differentiated learning, health and nutrition education, lowering BMI/improving health outcomes of children, reducing childhood obesity, physical education and physical literacy, social and emotional learning.

Q. How do I phrase “Active Learning” so I will get funded?

Active Learning combines physical literacy, education neuroscience and cognitive development into a comprehensive program that demonstrates the positive impact physical activity has on the brain and how this can be used systematically to benefit your schoolʼs improvement plan. Exercise fuels the brain, increasing memory and focus to improve academic performance while calming mood to reduce disruptive behaviors in class. Neuroscientists tell us that the fitness level of a student, more than race, ethnicity or income-status, is the single biggest predictor for academic performance. The more fit the student, the better the grades; sadly, the converse is also true.

Make sure to add your schoolʼs test scores, BMI levels, % of students receiving free/reduced meals, %ESL students, % students with special education needs, # and % of student conduct reports and suspensions, plus any other school-specific data relevant to your grant proposal.

For some sample proposal phrasing, see below…

To Promote Innovative New Teaching Methods:

For students to master the 21st Century skills our schools are teaching, their brains needs to be alert, focused and ready to engage new concepts while retaining old ones. The classroom environment needs to be stimulating and free from negative distractions; such as students yelling, excessively fidgeting, or otherwise bothering other students. Lastly, in order to achieve optimum student performance we need an innovative teacher, equipped with the tools and ability to differentiate learning needs and styles while using positive and creative means to manage classroom behavior.

Need help finding a grant or in writing a grant? Contact Martha Harris at Fizika, martha@fizikagroup.com. Martha has years of experience in writing and managing grants from public and private funders. She would be delighted to help you find the resources you need to implement your #energy4learning program.