Fizikaflex: Helping seniors live independently

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Empowering seniors to live independently.

Fizikaflex helps seniors live independently through a fun, active, community-based health improvement program. An attractive and easy to use digital platform empowers individuals to take control of their health through daily tracking of exercise, hydration, sleep, nutrition, as well as, volunteer, social and learning activities.

Research in brain science shows a positive correlation between exercise, nutrition, water consumption, sleep, and socialization in preserving and enhancing brain health. Developed from this research, Fizikaflex motivates seniors to make healthy choices on a daily basis that can improve brain health.  Interested in bringing the power of  Fizikaflex to your senior living community?  Contact Martha Harris,

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Custom Exercise Guide

Now available for purchase!  Fizikaflex customer exercise guide.  Available as a soft cover spiral bound book and as a downloaded PDF. The book contains 120 exercises to help seniors develop strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular stamina to stay healthy. Fizikaflex participants are encouraged to move through the four levels of exercises, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Super Hero, as they improve aspects of their overall health.

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Note, you will need to create a user name and password to order the Fizikaflex Exercise Guide.


Everybody Wins!

Participants input data on a daily basis and they can see their results each week on the virtual leaderboard. Points are accumulated based on the number of times someone logs data not whether a person walked more or drank more water than another participant. Rewards are earned based on the consistency of data entry in the health journal. This weekly recap helps participants gain support if their activity is lagging behind their peers. Fizikaflex encourages participants to exercise with others – increasing both their socialization and accountability.


About Fizikaflex

Fizikaflex was developed initially through Catamaran’s Accelerator and Andculture, two organizations focused on fostering a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central Pennsylvania.

Fizika Group, LLC is the developer and owner of Fizikaflex.   Market tests of Fizikaflex with 60 seniors during 2018 provided ample evidence that the combination of a daily online health journal, with leaderboard to foster healthy competition among participants in a community, improved attitudes and behaviors toward health.  Under development now is Fizikaflex 2.0, a secure HIPAA compliant mobile health tracker and community participations digital health solution that will be available in June 2019.

Fizika Group is a wholly owned subsidary of b_Fizika, LLC, a Pennsylvania Benefit Company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. b_ Fizika’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative trainings, services and technology products to promote brain health across the life span.