Fizikaflex Launched!



Seniors using weights in a retirement home
Seniors using weights in a retirement home

Fizika’s effort to create a robust platform to help seniors live independently by adhering to a healthy lifestyle was launched on April 17, 2018 during Demo Day where the three founders selected by Catamaran introduced their new digital solutions.

Startup Fizika Group devising software to reduce dementia risk _ CPBJ-3-9-18   

Fizika Group partnered with @gocatamaran’s Tech Accelerator program and the design and software engineering experts at @AndCulture to create a new digital platform that engages seniors on a daily basis, and remain in control of their health so they can live independently with dignity.

Currently, five senior living communities are piloting the program.  If you are interested in learning more about Fizikaflex, please contact Martha Harris,

Take a look:

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