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Fizika is Proud to Partner with Active Schools!

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Our Kids Are Moving Less . . .Only 6 states require physical education in every grade.  Only 20% of school districts require daily recess.   2 out of 3 kids today are inactive.

Studies Show Active Kids Do Better

In 2013, the Institute of Medicine published a meta-analysis that confirmed a daily dose recommendation for all students of 60 minutes of physical activity daily.  For more information and to download the study, click here:


Fizika works with school leaders to help create strategies for incorporating movement into the learning process.

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Professional Development

Our most popular program currently is the Active Learning Specialist course that educators in the U.S and other countries are using to improve learning with their students.

Achieving health and physical literacy through energized learning

The centerpiece of Fizika’s professional development offering is the Active Learning Specialist course, an online graduate level course that teaches the science, methodologies, and leadership tools needed to apply the principles of using the body to help the mind learn effectively.

The course is:

  • Ideal for teachers and administrators, but can be applied in a corporate setting as well.
  • Teaches techniques that have produced positive outcomes in learning and classroom behavior
  • Designed to help teachers modify their instructional practices on a student-by-student basis.
  • Currently available through Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
  • Click here for more information and to enroll

What people are saying about Fizika’s Active Learning course:

ourprograms_humphreys2Every step of bringing Active Learning into my classroom was covered in strong detail this proved to be a great professional development tool that I will continue to use throughout my career.
Mike Humphreys, Active Learning Specialist, Alexandria VA Public Schools

 ourprograms_haines2The ideas I’ve been developing with your help through this course are now more important than they were when I started this course!
Darrell Haines, Active Learning Specialist, American International School, Vietnam.
 ourprograms_douglas-(2)1Fizika’s Active Learning Specialist course has physical literacy at it is core – it helps you (as a teacher) to understand the theory behind the practice…
John Douglas, Active Learning Specialist, Head of PE, John Spence Community High School, United Kingdom

I am implementing active learning in an online environment, which helps my students dedicate their energy to completing quality academic work.
Leslie Arnold, Active Learning Specialist, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

 ourprograms_beauchamp2The Active Learning Course provided me with a framework to actualize educational initiatives. After the course, I have been able to identify and engage champions for active learning who are in the initial stages of introducing weekly physical activity and mindfulness breaks at our neighborhood high school.
Ruth Beauchamp, Active Learning Specialist, Fort Collins, CO
 ourprograms_steindorff2Public health educators working in childhood obesity prevention inevitably work with schools. The Active Learning Specialist course provides insight into how best to use physical activity in school to help kids learn and move more, as well as bridge the gap between public health and education.
Carrie Steindorff, Active Learning Specialist, Public Health Educator, Childhood Obesity Prevention. Rockland County Department of Health, Pomona, NY