Active Learning – Before and After School

Aft.SchoolBoywbandsFizika Active Learning is based on scientific evidence that physical activity and good nutrition can help prepare students brains for positive academic, social and health outcomes. Neuroscientists tell us that the brain needs exercise to develop and function properly. Physicians tell us our bodies need the right nutrition and energy balance for our bodies to perform at their best.

After school is an important time to extend the benefit of active learning. New resources are being made available to ensure that the time spent by students before and after school can provide the energy they need to succeed.

If you are a parent, find out what after school options are available for your student. If not, think about what you can do with your child when they come home from school – to keep their brains engaged through physical activity –before they start their homework.

If you are an administrator, think about how the activity, nutrition provided during an extended school day can help students who are struggling to keep up with their peers.

Fizika’s products work well in an after school environment. Perhaps you don’t have access to a gymnasium for your after school program. Foundational Fitness, Fit Bits, ​HOPSports, ​and ​Skillastics don’t require a lot of room to implement or store.

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