Energizing Brain Breaks 2 – SMARTBoard Edition


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Need a reengagement strategy? Energizing Brain Breaks 2 is a collection of more than 50, 1-2 minute fun brain and body challenges to relieve mental and physical fatigue. These challenges can be used in any setting by a wide age group and take virtually no preparation and no extra materials to perform.

This Notebook e-version of the book is for a SMART Board. The Notebook version includes slides from every page of the book. Not only are there slides for each of the 50 activities, there are video links for each of the activities. Once you have the SMARTBoard version you can transfer a page of the book directly to your own Notebook document. Easy, step-by-step instructions are included in the file.

Send an email to info@fizikagroup.com if you would like to purchase Energizing Brain Breaks 2 – SMARTBoard Edition.  You must have SMARTBoard Notebook software in order to run the download.

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