Energizing Brain Breaks 2


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Need a reengagement strategy? Energizing Brain Breaks 2 is a collection of more than 50, 1-2 minute fun brain and body challenges to relieve mental and physical fatigue. These challenges can be used in any setting by a wide age group and take virtually no preparation and no extra materials to perform.

The book includes 16 Brain Breaks that can be done individually as well as 24 partner Brain Breaks that are done with another person and include both competitive and non-competitive activities. Along with individual and partner activities there are 10 group Brain Break activities that promote team-building. Also included are Re-engagement Strategies to help re-focus after participating in a Brain Break.

Energizing Brain Breaks 2 book is now available in SMART Board Notebook and PowerPoint versions:

Includes 1-spiral bound, 54 page book and step-by-step instructions.



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