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Fizika Group retains a team of highly skilled professionals who can deliver on-site workshops that achieve specific learning objectives and are highly informative. The Active Learning Specialist Course is available as a completely online asynchronous learning mode – or in a blended learning mode. Schools can choose to start the course with an onsite half day or full day workshop led by a Fizika Active Learning Specialist. From the workshop, individuals who are motivated to enroll in the online course in order to earn their Active Learning Specialist certification may do so at a reduced tuition cost.

Active Learning Specialist J Bryant

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This is the approach that Monroe School District in Monroe, Wisconsin chose. 20 classroom teachers and 4 PE teachers participated in a day-long workshop led by Fizika’s Martha Harris and the high school PE teacher, John Ditter who is managing the district’s Physical Education Program (PEP) grant from the US Department of Education.

profdevpmt_monroe11Great use of the day. Thanks for your time.”
3rd grade teacher, Monroe

Great workshop, provided information that I have read about but super for all teachers to know.”
PE/Health teacher, Monroe


profdevpmt_monroe21I’m excited to incorporate movement into my classroom.” 
Elementary math teacher, Monroe

Great, great information. Very powerful. Made me excited to start my first year teaching 4th grade in the most effective way.
4th grade teacher, Monroe

This was great! It reminded me about past learning about the brain, and excited me about starting the school year. Thank you!
5th grade teacher, Monroe

This is so useful. I have always done breaks, but will be more deliberate and will move on getting the entire building on board.
4th grade teacher, Monroe

MarthaTrainingFizika President Martha Harris helps Lancaster Mennonite educators learn how to incorporate physical activity and creative play into their instructional strategies, February 16, 2015.