Fulton Elementary

Changing the Culture of Learning

Robert Fulton Elementary, Lancaster PA: Principal Dr. Jill C. Martin invited three members of her staff to take the Active Learning Specialist Course through Harrisburg University in July 2013. A parent educator, classroom teacher and special education teacher formed the nucleus of Fulton’s Active Learning Team.

All of Fulton’s staff members were trained by Fizika Group in the basic educational neuroscience, health and physical literacy concepts. Fifteen minutes of physical activity was added to the school day: Healthy and Active Learning at Fulton (HALFTime) enabled classroom teachers to bring the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity to their students through fun, engaging products like FitBits (from the Michigan Fitness Foundation) and Sqord accelerometers to motivate upper class students to become more active.

Results: Fulton Healthy & Active Learners

  • H.A.L.F. time: extra 15 minutes for daily physical activity
  • Fizika trained all teachers, aides, counselors
  • Physical activity embedded in teaching practice
  • Students, teachers exercise & learn about good nutrition
  • Behavioral incidents reduced – staff morale improved



“Fizika provides the common denominator so that every child can participate in the learning process.” Dr. Jill C. Martin, Principal