Why Fizika

  • Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today…
  • A therapist goes to middle school and tries to sit still and focus. She can’t. Neither can the kids…

Recent headlines like these underscore why Fizika was founded in 2009 by Martha Harris and Michael Cordier. Fizika aims to close the gap between the latest research on how people learn – and the reality of how most students are taught.
ALRInfographic_ActiveKidsLearnBetter_Jan2015smallWe learn through movement – we need all of our senses and all of our physical abilities to help our brains process information and acquire knowledge.

Fizika’s innovative training programs and highly effective workshops get teachers moving – and feeling comfortable in doing so in front of their students.

We engage classroom teachers, guidance counselors, principals and parents through our Active Learning Specialists – skilled practitioners who have the leadership and communications skills to design and implement the changes required to enable students to move and learn effectively.

Dr. Jill Martin, Principal of Fulton Elementary in Lancaster PA explains that Fizika’s training appeals to teachers and students alike:

Our Principles

  • Empowering educators to help students learn faster and more effectively
  • Our first principle for improving education is that results matter. If teachers and schools are going to invest their time and money to change their learning strategies, it has to be worth it. Every Fizika product is put to that test: does it improve outcomes?
  • Our programs are focused on enhanced learning outcomes with proven techniques such as:
  • Preparing students of all ages and abilities to learn well each day
  • Enhancing teacher effectiveness in a variety of teaching situations
  • Improving the powerful synergy of physical activity, nutrition and learning
  • Enabling effective cross-curricular instruction
  • Meeting teacher certification requirements

Dr. Martin explains that Fizika’s approach provides the common denominator – helping all students learn: