Why Fizika?

Fizika was founded in 2009 on a simple yet profound principle. Scientists discovered in 1999 that our brains are elastic and plastic – able to respond, change and grow.  The field of neuroplasticity is expanding daily as new research discovers how influential diet, exercise, socialization and learning help prevent or delay cognitive decline – and prepare our brains for learning.

Our mission is to translate this brain research into best practices across the lifespan – through innovative training programs and technology that can improve our brains’ readiness to learn, and reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Our new venture, FizikaFlex, will be tested in the summer of 2018 as a simple, mobile responsive easy to use digital platform that helps mature adults stay on track with daily exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep and learning new skills.  We are grateful for the support of AndCulture and its Tech Accelerator program, Catamaran, for helping Fizika design  a solution that can motivate seniors to remain active and adopt healthy behaviors that reduce the risk of cognitive impairment.  For more information

  • We learn through movement – we need all of our senses and all of our physical abilities to help our brains process information and acquire knowledge.

 Fizika aims to close the gap between the latest research on how people learn – and the reality of how most students are taught.

We engage classroom teachers, guidance counselors, principals and parents through our Active Learning Specialists – skilled practitioners who have the leadership and communications skills to design and implement the changes required to enable students to move and learn effectively.

Dr. Martin explains that Fizika’s approach provides the common denominator – helping all students learn: